Rico, Floris, Diego and me

Rico, Floris, Diego and me ~ Painting by Albert Kruize

Musical Heads

Musical Heads ~ Painting by Albert Kruize

Long Live

Long Live ~ Painting by Albert Kruize

Les Pecheurs de Perles

Les Pecheurs de Perles ~ Painting by Albert Kruize


Albert Kruize was born in 1967, in Groningen, North of The Netherlands.

He embarked upon on his first artistic work around 1982. In 1985 he left his country and decides to discover the world, did sundry jobs such as, picking fruits in farms, working as a skipper, and working as carpenter the last years, in the Orient.

In 1992 he sails on an old fishing cutter (from 1904) to Portugal, were he met his wife and decides to settle down.

He didn’t want to sell his paintings because he was still learning from them, although he started to make exhibitions of his paintings around the country in Hotels and Casinos. To make a living he decides to embrace some projects, such as restaurants and bars were he exhibits his paintings, and he also found a space where he makes permanent exhibitions.



Most paintings of Albert Kruize are exhibited in restaurants and his art gallery in Albufeira, Portugal. A wide range of paintings is available for exhibitions around the world. Please contact our office for any inquiries.

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